A changelog of the most important and interesting updates for Moderation API.

New models: Sexual, Discrimination, Violence, and Self-harm

We've just made 4 new classifier models availabel in your

Content queue improvements

* New features: * Add your own options to actions. Useful if

Product update: custom models and sentiment analysis

We have been hard at work to develop new features

New Sentiment Analysis Model

A new sentiment model just became available in your dashboards.

New NSFW text detection model

We've released a new NSFW ("Not Suitable For Work") model

New: increase in character limits

For security reasons all accounts have a character limit at

New Analyzer Models: Toxicity, Quality, & Propriety

I'm excited to announce 3 new models available in the

Improved project dashboard

As we add more and more models, we saw the

New Recognition Model: Sensitive Numbers

We've just published a new model for recognizing a collection of sensitive numbers.

New Word List Feature

You will now see a word list tab on the