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Content moderation is tedious and time-consuming. The Moderation API automates content analysis using state-of-the-art AI, so you can become more efficient, privacy-friendly, and scale faster.

✓ GDPR & CCPA Compliant

✓ Robust & Effective

✓ Save Time & Resources

✓ Leading A.I. Technology

  "text": "Hi, I'm {{ name }} founder of...",
  "analysis": {
    "spam": 0.01,
    "toxicity": 0.08,
    "sentiment": "POSITIVE"
  "email": [""],
  "phone": ["+1(201)555-1234"],
  "url": [""],
  "name": ["Christopher"]

Hi, I'm Christopher founder of Moderation API. If you have questions, please message us at or give a call on +1 (201) 555-1234. See more and get started for free on

Spam Score 0%

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Pre-built AI models

Get started fast with our industry-leading models. Ready to use, easy to integrate, and highly accurate for the most common use cases.

Toxicity & NSFW

Contact details & PII

Spam & Quality


...and more


Create your own AI models

If you have a unique use case or want to increase accuracy, you can easily train your own custom models to better understand your content.

No AI experience needed

Powered by OpenAI

Easy to use

Highly accurate

Improve over time


For Content Moderation

Detect and prevent toxic content, spam, and other types of unwanted content. Fine tune your moderation rules to match your audience and content.

Improve your customer retention

Prevent spam and other unwanted content

Maintain a world-class experience

Spam Score: 93%
Sentiment: Neutural
Toxicity Score: 93%
User Reputation: 67%
Sentiment: Positive

For Chat & Marketplaces

Moderate your marketplace users, without having to hire a team of moderators. If you need to hide contact information or inappropriate content, the Moderation API is for you.

Keep the conversation on your platform.

Detects attempts to bypass filters.

Prevent offline transactions and keep your service fees.

  "text": "Message {{ email }} so we can make a deal,",
  "email": ["emma(at)gmail(dot).com"],
  "url": [],
  "phone": ["eight one eight one six two one three five three"],
  "address": [],
  "profanity": [],
  "analysis": {
    "spam": 0.05,
    "toxicity": 0.11,
    "propriety": 0.09

Message emma(at)gmail(dot).com so we can make a deal, or call my number on eight one eight one six two one three five three.

Spam Score 15%


For Workflow Automation

Automate core activities and gain a competetive edge, without sacrificing on accuracy, quality, or the privacy of your users.

Free up time for more important tasks

Industry leading accuracy

Customizable for your use-case

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They gave me half of my money, and then I was.
For each job we issue a contract that is
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Moderation dashboard

Incorporate and streamline human moderation. Invite your own team or hire on-demand moderators. Take action against bad actors. Create a feedback loop to improve your automated moderation.

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Human in the loop dashboard
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Why use Moderation API?

Leading A.I. Technology

Our machine learning models are trained on enormous amounts of data which makes it the best available.

A team of experts at your service

Implementing AI can be hard to get right, luckily we're here to help you and your team all the way from start to launch to ongoing maintainance.

Simple To Integrate

We provide a simple API that integrates with any backend, or use one of our no-code integrations.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

The content you send to moderate is never stored or accessed by humans.

Keeps Improving

We keep us updated in with the latest research and technology so you don't have to. You always get the best AI available.

Fast Response Times

Fast response times makes the moderation perfect for real-time communication.

Ready to automate your moderation?Get started for free today.