Content review queues for
human-AI collaboration.

  • Review the content flagged by AI.
  • Invite your own team or hire on-demand moderators.
  • Take action against bad actors.
  • Feedback loop to improve your automated moderation.

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Streamlined moderation flow.

  • Your team or on-demand moderatorsHire on-demand moderators directly in the dashboard or invite your own team members.

  • Prioritize the most critical issuesCustomize your queues to focus on what matters most to your business.

content queue


Identify bad actors and take action.

  • User-level actionsSuspend, remove, ban, or take other actions against bad actors how you see fit.

  • Easy to integrateUse webhooks or one of our integrations to connect with your workflow.

  • CustomizableAdd your own custom actions and metadata to expand the dashboard to your needs.

content queue


Work together with AI.

  • AI-assisted content moderationThe AI will automatically flag content for review, saving you the time of reviewing everything.

  • Human-AI feedback loopFeed corrections back to your models and improve the accuracy.

Human in the loop dashboard

Get started with
Review Queues.

With the Moderation API, you can automate your content moderation and use the review queues to handle the edge cases.