Picture of the founder

Hi, I'm Christopher

Founder of the Moderation API and Cueup DJ Booking where we struggled with moderating user content for a long time. The Moderation API is our solution packaged for other companies to benefit from.

I'll be openly sharing my journey of building, launching and growing the Moderation API. Subscribe if you'd like to follow along.

- Reach me on email or Twitter.

Why use the Moderation API?

Leading Language Technology

Contextual understanding makes our moderation a lot stronger than regex and word-based filters.

Pays For Itself

Companies like yours have already saved thousands of work hours by automating their moderation.

Simple To Integrate

We provide a simple API that integrates with any backend, or use one of our no-code integrations.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

The content you send to moderate is never stored or accessed by humans.

Keeps Improving

We continue to refine the engine and adapt it for new types of content.

Fast Response Times

Fast response times makes the moderation perfect for real-time communication.

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