AI Content Moderation
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Transform your Bettermode platform with our sophisticated AI Content Moderation. Optimize user experience, ensure brand safety and compliance, all while reducing operational costs.

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Upgrade Bettermode with robust Content Moderation

Boost your Bettermode platform by handling inappropriate, offensive and non-compliant content seamlessly. Our AI-driven Content Moderation enforces brand safety, improving user retention and interactions.


Automated Content Moderation for Bettermode that just works!

Our AI models set industry standards for accuracy and relevancy, surpassing regular moderation tools. Say 'goodbye' to manual monitoring of your Bettermode platform. Simply install our tool.

1 Sign up free on Moderation API

2 Install the moderation tool on your Bettermode platform

3 Configure the moderation tool to fit your needs and relax

Spam Score: 93%
Sentiment: Neutural
Toxicity Score: 93%
User Reputation: 67%
Sentiment: Positive
Reviews & examples

Hundreds of companies
already use Moderation API

Prevent platform circumvention

"Using Moderation API we've trained a model that analyses our user chats and prevents sharing of contact information or social media handles - it instantly increased our transaction volume."

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Rank inbound leads

"From our previous clients we could train a model that ranks our inbound leads based on their likelihood to convert. Now we can use this as a filter in our CRM."

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Ensure child safety

"We started using the pre-built models for our search input, and as we gathered more data we were able to train a custom model that picks up on more subtle variations of the same intents."

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers about our Content Moderation for Bettermode platforms.

Why choose our solution over the built-in moderation of Bettermode?

Our AI Content Moderation offers superior capabilities over in-built tools. With features like real-time moderation, efficient data usage, and prolific customization, we are able to deliver significantly enhanced performance to protect your brand's reputation while ensuring a positive user experience.

What can the Bettermode Content Moderation tool detect?

Our Content Moderation tool can efficiently handle multiple types of content including text, images, video – detecting and moderating spam, inappropriate content, violations of brand policies and legal compliance, and much more.

How efficient is our tool compared to human moderators?

We leverage AI technology to make content moderation more robust and precise, reducing the need for human intervention. With superior scalability and real-time moderation capabilities, our tool offers consistent and efficient moderation, even as your platform grows.

Is the tool easy to install and use?

Yes, the tool is designed for easy instillation and intuitive usage. You can customize it to fit your specific requirements, with no extensive coding knowledge required.

How does this enhance user trust and retention?

By maintaining a safe and respectful environment free from spam and inappropriate content, your platform's reputation is upheld, leading to greater user trust and better user retention rates.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up on Moderation API here. Follow the instructions for installing the moderation tool and customize the settings as per your needs.

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