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Secure your Drupal site with our proficient Moderation Module. Get rid of spam, optimize SEO, and foster a vibrant, reliable platform.

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Eliminate Drupal site clutter today

Safeguard your Drupal site from spam, abusive content, and other undesirable elements. Our AI-driven Moderation Module promptly separates unnecessary clutter, enabling you to concentrate on fostering a dynamic community.


Convenient automation for Drupal's content moderation that works proficiently!

Our AI algorithm boasts precision that matches human moderators. Say goodbye to painstaking manual moderation for your Drupal site. A simple install of our Drupal Module is all that is required.

1 Register for free on Moderation API

2 Install the Module on your Drupal site

3 Adjust the moderation module to meet your requirements and then unwind

Spam Score: 93%
Sentiment: Neutural
Toxicity Score: 93%
User Reputation: 67%
Sentiment: Positive
Reviews & examples

Hundreds of companies
already use Moderation API

Prevent platform circumvention

"Using Moderation API we've trained a model that analyses our user chats and prevents sharing of contact information or social media handles - it instantly increased our transaction volume."

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Rank inbound leads

"From our previous clients we could train a model that ranks our inbound leads based on their likelihood to convert. Now we can use this as a filter in our CRM."

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Ensure child safety

"We started using the pre-built models for our search input, and as we gathered more data we were able to train a custom model that picks up on more subtle variations of the same intents."

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked queries about our Moderation service for Drupal sites.

Why should one moderate Drupal site content?

Content moderation is vital for maintaining the theme of conversation and minimizing spam, which enhances user experience. Suspicious comments might present your site as risky, affecting its credibility. A moderation module prevents harmful or negative information and maintains decorum. Spammy links can deter your search ranking. By scanning and moderating content, it keeps your site safe and bolsters ranking in the search results.

What all can the module identify?

Our Moderation API can identify a broad spectrum of unwanted content, encompassing spam, personally identifiable information, defamatory language, discrimination, toxic comments, and more. You can even train our Moderation API to recognize custom types of content.

How does the module function?

The module forwards your content to our Moderation API for scanning. It then carries out actions based on the received results. For instance, the module can be configured to automatically discard a comment recognized as spam. Moreover, the module can alert you whenever it necessitates manual review.

What is the cost involved?

Our Moderation API offers a free trial where you can moderate up to 100 content pieces. Post that, you will need to select a paid plan. View our pricing page for more details.

Do I need coding knowledge to use this module?

Absolutely not. The Drupal module is designed for effortless use. It can be installed and configured without the need for coding.

How can I commence?

First thing first, create a free account on Moderation API here. Next, install the module on your Drupal site. Lastly, fine-tune the module as per your needs. That's all!

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